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  1. Please don't have any accidents, kill any innocent motorists, or maim any children in min-vans because you're on the way to someone else's firehouse to drink their coffee.
  2. Why no mention of the medic who was working and who actually cleared the airway? Seems like that was the key here...
  3. Worcester FF John Davies was discovered missing on December 8 when an outside company officer heard a PASS alarm sounding after the building had collapsed and notified the IC. Therefore I argue PASS alarms are not yet obsolete. Skip to the 6:37 mark.
  4. Remember Charleston, SC was a Class 1 department and they horrificly lost 9 firefighters fighting a furniture store fire with poor water supply and inadequate hose lines.
  5. Can you post a link to the NIOSH report, please? I can only find it listed as "pending" on the NIOSH site. Thanks.
  6. I'd thought he'd post it here first when he was gonna announce it, but I guess not. http://www.emtbravo.net/index.php/topic/41805-doc-kiernan-retiring/page__pid__237541#entry237541
  7. Easy. Sure. That's why when the list comes out there's usually fewer than 10 people with 100s. Don't think it was easy unril you get a that thnig in the mail that says you got a 95 or a 100. And a 100 doesn't mean squat if you can't pass CPAT. Put down the doughnuts and get on the stair mill. Now.
  8. Motorists calling 911 from a cell phone are initailly connected to a NYS Police dispatcher- not 60 Control.
  9. Does anyone have photos of the Crabtree explosion and fire on Main Street?- I think it was 1971.
  10. Record the unit number, time, and location and make a complaint.
  11. I always thought he looked like "Chet" too.
  12. I remember 6 Engine at Harrison Street too, with 1 Engine (and the truck, and the Chief, and the ambulance). It was an open cab Mack and had a large chemical extinguisher mounted by a jump seat. It was the engine with masks so it was second due everywhere. I'm sure the "snottier" NR guys will correct me if I'm wrong.
  13. Sell off the County PD aviation unit. That'll save some money. (Easy, Chris. It's a joke!)
  14. Cap, It's been some time since some classes were taken. What is tested during the practical? Is there a list of skills that are tested?
  15. Must've been the albinos.